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            *When you're leaving a comment, try to leave one for both girls. (Gab's camp friends, Rach's elementary school friends...)And guys, if you want to leave a comment, go to the 'Blog' page and leave one there.* We have a new Trivia question and last times' answer! Check it out! Also, we have the Poll Pages answer! Be sure to see it! (And thank you to everyone to participated! We love you guys!) We also have a new post for our blog! Check it out!*

         We are in the process of making an amazing website! When it is complete we will be having; polls, trivia, contests, a blog, and possibly a little shop! What's not to like?

        But in order to have most of those things we need YOU! It makes sense, I mean, imagine a poll with no people doing it. Pretty lame.
        It's not going to happen. 'Lame' is never a descriptive word for us. Sounds cocky, but we'll prove our point to you if you keep up with our blog. How can we prove our point if you don't come to see us prove it? We need you and we hope you like our soon-to-be-amazing site!
By the way guys, to leave a comment on our blog, click on the number of comments on the top right hand corner and then something should show up on the bottom! Leave comments! You guys are all awesome!
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P.S. did we mention that we LOVE comments, so don't be shy!!!