Hello Everybody!  As everybody already well knows its finally summer!  All the school work is over (for a couple of months at least), and we deserve a break from it all.  The summer has been great so far but there is just one person missing....Gab! 
    Gab is far away on the other side of the world in Israel!  Rach has not gotten an update yet on what is going on but she is sure that there is one on the way!  Gab is there with her family on vacation!
    Send us comments on the exotic places where you have already been to or are going to this summer!

    At the moment Rach is going to summer camp.  This can sometimes be boring but usually she is always on her feet.
We hope that you are having fun this summer too.

    Luv ya

-Rach & Gab


    The title pretty much explains it all.  It has been a long time since Gab and Rach have blogged and we have a perfectly good explanation for that.  Rach and Gab have been ssooo busy carrying on their lives of bat and bar mitzvahs, parties, school, shopping, sports events, and phone and IM conversations. 
    Also, for all of you who didn't know, Rach got braces!  "At first they hurt," says Rach, "but after a while they just became a part of me and I got used to them."  Her band colors are currently red and blue.
    School is almost over and we are psyched!  We need to get away from it all and go to the beach, renew our tans, go on vacation, and go to our various day and sleep-away camps.
    Gab and Rach are going to be separated practically the whole summer.  However they have vowed to keep any way of communication open so they won't miss a beat.  With our busy schedules we will also blog anything we can on what we are doing.

Until next time,
          Gab and Rach

Sorry 03/27/2008

Gab and Rach would like to personally apologize to all our viewers out there for not making a blog in what seems like a million years.  There is a lot of stuff that we need to catch you guys up on, so come back soon and we will have a new, action- packed, super interesting blog just for you.

Luv Ya
Gab + Rach


Hey guys!

Looks like none of you (except for Laney) know how to put a video on the internet or have any ideas for riddles. It's ok, we're smart, we'll figure everything out. Anyways, today we went to the gym after a long day of testing. With a room full of seventh graders, there's a room full of chatter. One interesting conversation was with Gab and Rach. This girl came up to them and said this:

"Tammy* says you guys have been talking about her."
"Tammy, you know, the girl in the blue shirt... she said she heard from someone that you guys were talking about her."
"We've never even heard of her!"
"Ok. I'll go and tell her."

Besides for that incident, it was pretty fun. We rode scooters (which was super fun) and felt like the biggest dorks on the face of the universe. But you know, there's a first for everything! Just kidding.

 Speaking of firsts for everything, Gab did something that no human being has ever done before. She didn't even realize she was doing it! She somehow found a way to turn herself invisible! Only certain people could see her! It was pretty crazy.

Then again, a lot of things we do are crazy. Like yesterday when Rach 'scratched her cornea'. (It sounds bad, but it really wasn't. She just had to get some eye-drops and it was all better.) She had thought it was 'pinkeye' or something so she was making a big deal.

"I'm being a drama queen, aren't I?" Rach questioned, realizing her behavior.
"Yep..." Gab replied.

But we LOVE drama queens! Especially Rach!

On that note, we're out of here!
Hope to see you all soon!
Luv ya,

Gab + Rach

(*= Not real name)


First Post! 03/09/2008

Hey Everyone!

This is our first blog ever! Probably the most boring too. Nothing really happened. Rach came over Gab's house today for some science homework. We have to invent a game with questions based on what we learned in science
. Ours is gonna be awesome! The title is 'Larger Than Life: Science Edition'. What we are doing is making everything big! We'll explain more once it's finished. We worked on that, but we also goofed around a little. We made a video on Gab's phone. The video is of us playing with this old toy rifle. In the video with the rifle we are "killing each other" and trying to give our best reactions if our best friend really shot the other. We were on the floor laughing, it was so funny. Does anyone know how to put one of those on a computer (on YouTube)? It's a very funny video. I hope we can get around for you guys to see it!

Luv ya,