About Us


What a weird name! But there is a reason for it!

(Thank you to Harley for coming up with the idea of the name 'icherries')

Gab and Rach both have a signature symbol, cherries!

Who are Gab and Rach?

Gab and Rach are the makers of this website. They are two seventh grade girls- but they're not the typical ones.

They say almost everything at the exact same time and the weird thing is- they're not related in any way!

They both like cherries, sushi, Legally Blonde The Musical, The Impossible Quiz, running, being creative (Odyssey of the Mind comes in there...), acting, laughing (a little to hard....lol), Daxflame and talking (which our teachers hate, but oh well).
But they have some differences too, believe it or not.

Rach- Her favorite color is green, she loves roller coasters, playing soccer, fireworks, blonde/ shag/ surfer kind of hair, and any kind of accent. She loves to talk and admits that she is loud. But loud isn't a bad thing at all! When she's explaining something, she tends to act it out. Rach loves taking pictures and plans (cross out plans and put will) to be a photographer one day. She's very talented in drawing. 
If you need to contact Rach, e-mail:

Gab- Her favorite color is pink, she likes rock climbing, tennis, Colorado, ropes course, Wicked, Disney, red hair, and Australian and British accents.  She always uses her imagination and can be very random at times. She likes to make up stories and read fiction ones as well. (Her favorite books of all time are as follows: What my Mother Doesn't Know, What my Girlfriend Doesn't Know, and The Pepins and Their Problems) She likes to text, so she does all the time. She likes to climb trees and do flips on a trampoline or into a pool. 
If you need to contact Gab, e-mail: