The title pretty much explains it all.  It has been a long time since Gab and Rach have blogged and we have a perfectly good explanation for that.  Rach and Gab have been ssooo busy carrying on their lives of bat and bar mitzvahs, parties, school, shopping, sports events, and phone and IM conversations. 
    Also, for all of you who didn't know, Rach got braces!  "At first they hurt," says Rach, "but after a while they just became a part of me and I got used to them."  Her band colors are currently red and blue.
    School is almost over and we are psyched!  We need to get away from it all and go to the beach, renew our tans, go on vacation, and go to our various day and sleep-away camps.
    Gab and Rach are going to be separated practically the whole summer.  However they have vowed to keep any way of communication open so they won't miss a beat.  With our busy schedules we will also blog anything we can on what we are doing.

Until next time,
          Gab and Rach




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Sat, 24 May 2008 18:07:18

oops i accidentally pressed enter so theres a empty comment owell. we all understand how hard it is to get a good working website to get up and running u both deserve a pat on the back and a kiss on the cheek for accomplishing such a hard task(if u don't know how hard it is try it erself). also we probably all understand that u guys like us (hopefully) are going to be extremely busy during this summer i know i am. im flying to Honduras which u may or may not know is located below Mexico close to s.America and sailing back with some of my close friends/sailing team back to Florida a great 2 week experience probably a once and a life team trip. 1 week in the the surrounding area doing fun stuff like diving then sailing back on a 50ft yacht we own. anyway we all understand you are all very busy and keep up the good work on the website. if u need any help give me a holler and ill be glad to help im kinda handy with computers

good luck have fun GREAT SUMMER TIME WOOO



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