Hey Everyone!

This is our first blog ever! Probably the most boring too. Nothing really happened. Rach came over Gab's house today for some science homework. We have to invent a game with questions based on what we learned in science
. Ours is gonna be awesome! The title is 'Larger Than Life: Science Edition'. What we are doing is making everything big! We'll explain more once it's finished. We worked on that, but we also goofed around a little. We made a video on Gab's phone. The video is of us playing with this old toy rifle. In the video with the rifle we are "killing each other" and trying to give our best reactions if our best friend really shot the other. We were on the floor laughing, it was so funny. Does anyone know how to put one of those on a computer (on YouTube)? It's a very funny video. I hope we can get around for you guys to see it!

Luv ya,




Courtney Hersch
03/09/2008 13:41

Gab and Rach are the best people ever! I want to play the game 'Larger than life: Science Edition'. I can't believe they made a game!

Tomarah Davis
03/09/2008 16:13

Hey! omg u guys made a web site?!?! that is like so awesome lol!! haha
ily guys!

Gab's Admirer
03/09/2008 16:15

I love you Gab! I'll see you in middle school tom.!

Gabs admirer
03/09/2008 16:16

I can't believe Gab really made a web-site

laney- like duh!
03/10/2008 15:19

oh ya and whos this Gabs admirer person i hope yall dnt have a stocker lol! well anyhoo plzzzzzzzzz look at my site and leve some comments on there and stuff sooooooooo ya...... well yall rock seee yall tomarrow in 4th perid tehe

- laney-like duh!

SaDiE BuDrEaU :D
03/10/2008 17:19

hey guyz ur in the makin of a great site!!!!!!!! :-*

03/10/2008 18:30

hey hey hey!! You and ur website rock gabi! ilyy and can't wait to see u at camp this year!! I wish you the best and will show brooke your amazingly awesome site!!

ily to pieces!!


03/10/2008 19:12

so i looked at it and its going to be cool

do u even read this????????????????

c ya 2marah

laney- like duh!
03/11/2008 14:28

heyyyyyyyyyyy i see u changed ur site a bit with a new trivia question thingymabobber could ya put an easy one on there cuz i can nevr get those ones u already put on. haha i no im not really smart so ya. lmao! well ttyl - lannnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy

03/11/2008 15:32

hey u guys i luv the site almost as much as u! lol u guys are doing really good!
P.S. nice gun story...

ily 4 eva

03/11/2008 15:54

hola chicks!
awkward turtle,
tee he.

03/11/2008 15:56

in ur about us,
i think you should add how you came up with the name of ur website!

that would be greatly appreciated.


Morgan Bumsted
03/11/2008 15:57

DUDE you made a web site.... you need to show me! I like it! :-) I think it is very original and cool very much like you Rach! Hope that its a big success!!!!!!Call me Rachael!!



03/11/2008 17:30

Guys ur website rocks !!! Keep up the Trivia!!
haley see u tommorow

03/12/2008 12:50

omg! I loovveee doing the trivia and check the website everyday to see if there is any new trivia question! Brooke still hasn't figured out how to get to the website lol! but i'm working with her on that! This site is gonna turn out to be awesome!!!

ily to pieces!

- Jess!

Kaitlyn! :] (Kit-Kat!<3)
03/13/2008 16:07

Heyy!!! this is so kooleyo u made a website!!!! :]



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